Thursday, 20 March 2014

Infographic: Office Cleaning

This infographic titled ‘Office Cleaning’ has been created by NY Brite to signify the importance of having clean offices. It shows the dirtiest places in the office and the effects of these dirty offices. The infographic highlights the tips to keep the office clean and the importance of using the services of a professional cleaner.


Hendersonrose92 said...

A clean office is so important to maintaining a happy work environment. Who would ever want to work in a dirty space? These cleaning services are also great for supplying jobs.

Johnny Shi said...

I really liked this info graphic. It is important to know the dirtiest places in the office and how they can effect productivity. If everyone in the office new these things then maybe it would be just a little cleaner. Thanks for sharing.

Jade Graham said...

The infographic highlights the tips to keep the office clean and the importance of using the services of a professional cleaner. commercial cleaning

Mary Ellen said...

Good workers cannot work in dirty environment, so clean our office today.

john willim said...

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Jona Roy said...

Loved the info graphic

Good Wishes
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Ipax Solutions said...

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Darren Parker said...

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General Manager said...

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General Manager said...

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General Manager said...

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Edward said...

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Norman Smith said...

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Henry said...

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Edward said...

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Henry said...

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Henry said...

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adams Jhonson said...

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Nicholas Robertson said...

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jussey mari said...

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